IPPIS supports all of the Civil Service Reform objectives and in particular those relating to improving the quality and the cost effectiveness of public services. The MIFOTRA sectoral strategy sets out the priorities and next steps in the Government’s drive for excellent public services for all. Achieving greater efficiency in the public sector is a key element of this agenda. IPPIS also supports delivery of the e-Government agenda and the NICI plans.

Installing IPPIS on your computer for the first time

1. click the button "download IPPIS" above
2. If your browser asks if you want to keep the file, click "keep" or "yes"
3. double click on the downloaded file and install*
* If your computer is running Window 8 or above, you
will get a warning. click "more info" and clik "run ayway"
4. After Installing IPPIS, run the application, connect to the VPN and fill in your credentials

Running an installed IPPIS

1. double click on The IPPIS Icon on the desktop or on the start menu
2. click install if asked (this will install the updates if available)
3. Connect the VPN
4. Fill in your credentials

Download IPPIS Pre-Requisite

Click here to download Microsoft ReportViewer
Click here to download Dot net FrameWork
Click Here to download Adobe Reader